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5 Questions for a Better Sexual Health Routine.

By: oohoney - Oct 10, 2020

They tell me September was “Sexual Health Month.” What’s that mean? Well, it’s one chance to think about how sexuality can influence both physical and mental wellness. It’s a broad topic, a complicated topic, maybe even a vague definition—since truly, we all have different needs. How do you figure out your own needs, and learn to best express yourself sexually?

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How can I get the best pleasure from my G-Spot? 

By: oohoney - Oct 05, 2020

The infamous question that many, if not all, vulva owners ask at some point in our lives. Firstly, the G-Spot is a culturally accepted term. Fun fact, it is not actually a spot. It is called the Urethral Sponge. The sponge expands when it is aroused pressing on the urethra to help avoid urination happening during sexual arousal  

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5 Ways to Incorporate Gender Role Play into Sex.

By:oohoney - Oct 01, 2020

One of my favorite kinds of sex play is erotic role play: acting out a new role or character during sex or kink. Role play allows me to experience sex in new ways, even something as simple and light-hearted as being a superhero who really likes being tied up by villains..

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